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Orange Blossom Raw Honey – 16 oz


Harvested from Orange County to Ventura County where the bees are pollinating the flowers of Orange trees. Orange Blossom is a lightly sweet honey with a hint of citrus and a great addition to coffee or tea. And it just happens to be our most popular honey!

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A drizzle of Orange Blossom Honey enhances and slightly sweetens all types of berries, our favorite is Strawberries. But Orange Blossom also is great drizzled on chicken, fish, tamales or pizza. Shake a little in your just popped popcorn to make our own Kettle Corn! Whether or not you’re adding a little sweetness to a savory dish or slightly mellowing out a spicy dish, Orange Blossom will make everything just a little bit tastier.

Our current crop we have named White Orange Blossom due to its light golden color. It’s a little lighter than our prior Orange Blossom has it has a bit of White Button Sage which gives it a smooth start and a citrus finish.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Weight 16 oz


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