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Pollen is a superfood, like a microgreen in a bottle and we harvest it regularly. Bee Ladies Honey Bee Pollen is fresh, not dried, and to maintain its potency we refrigerate the pollen after harvesting.

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Many athletes use Pollen for energy, endurance and nutrition. For optimum freshness the best way to store pollen is in the freezer or refrigerator. Our Bee Pollen maintains its potency up to 6 months in the refrigerator or 1 year in the freezer. Here are some of the uses for Bee Pollen:

  • Allergies: ingesting it slowly may aid your body in overcoming your allergies to local plants.
  • Natural Energy: combats fatigue and helps with concentration.
  • Nutrition and Digestion: Supplies you with vitamins, biotins, free amino acids, retinol, riboflavin and much more.

How to take Bee Pollen: Bee Pollen is great on your morning cereal, or acai bowl. It’s also good in smoothie (after it’s blended), on buttered toast, peanut butter or avocado toast, in yogurt. Easily added to lots of your favorite foods, don’t be afraid to experiment! But remember you don’t want to heat the pollen.

Suggested Dosage: Be Aware of Your Body! – we recommend you start out with a small amount and increase the dosage slowly and watch for any allergy triggers. Take in the morning and/or during the day. Try not take Bee Pollen too late in the day if you have problems sleeping, Bee Pollen can give you energy.

    • Day 1: Take a pinch a few times during the day
    • Day 2: Take a ½ of a teaspoon one or two times during the day
    • Day 3 and on: Increase your dosage up to 1 to 3 teaspoons per day

If you’re taking Bee Pollen for allergies, you may want to go at a slower pace, take a few days of following the info for Day 1 and gradually increase your dosage. You must find your way and take as much or as little bee pollen your body needs.

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